Guide to Extreme Vaping competitions: 8 Things you need to know

Like any other sport that has two or three competing rivals, vaping also has competition. During its stages of introduction vaping was not understood by many people and also those who used to practice these act. Recently most people have come to understand vaping very well and how vaping is supposed to be done. Any competition has its rules and vaping is not left out in its rules and steps that must be followed so that one can win. There those factors that are used to judge in the competition.

These are things one has to know before going for a vaping competition which are;

  • Vaping gadgets

Before entering into any vaping competition it is important for any cloud chaser to know the kind of mods that are good and efficient during competition. To vape these mod effectively, one has to find a room that does not allow too much air. Finally the e-juice should be of the vegetable glycerin because it is the one that produce thick vapor.

  • Understand the competition better

 It is important to understand the competition history better by researching and noting uniqueness in each competition. Most judges look for something unique that has never been done  by any other cloud chaser. Also importantly asses the risks involved while competing so that someone does not overdo.

  • Rules of the game

Even thou the rules may be easy as they look on paper it is important for someone to get to learn the rules and understand them so as to raise the competition bar higher. Always competition rules are not the same some may set rules that are looking for creativity, quality, and originality. Also rules vary from competition to competition.

  • Fame of vaping

Vaping is now a worldwide competition actually categorized as a sport. Earlier on vaping competitions were only held in The USA but recently international competitions have been seen across Europe which have given participants to learn from each other and acquire new skills and pleasures when vaping.

  • Technicality

This applies during competition whereby you must involve tricks that you have learnt in order to impress the judges. The tricks will be achieved if one commits himself or herself to practice and perfect the trick that they find comfortable to them. It is important to use tricks but in a modified and customized way.

  • Getting giant clouds

You need few things that will help get the best and huge cloud that may be catchy and appealing to the judges like a lo resistance sub ohm that will help give low air resistance and more vapor to add on is a mod with temperature control place.

  • Set to vape

Mind of your posture and also ensure you take a proper breathing time for the cloud to be large. Incorporate all that you have learnt and mastered to help build on you vaping and pulling great cloud.

  • How to be a winner

Add little tricks and stunts on your vaping try those stunts that make the cloud be like double jellyfish. The ticks leave the crowd and the judges amused and stunned which gives you an upper advantage of winning.

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