Top 4 vapor pod systems for beginner.

Vapour pod systems is nowadays widely known and widely used. Vapour pod systems has helped most of the people to do away with the using of the craziness of large products.

Overtake the consumption of the electronic cigarettes

Vapour pod systems are now about to overtake the consumption of the e-cigarettes which is widely known as called the electronic cigarettes. We should be aware that by know millions of vapors which are around. Most of the people never like them and that is why most of the people do not have sufficient substitute for smoking. The top 4 vapor pod systems which are considered good for the beginners include; eleaf icare starter kit, wismec myjet express kit, twelve vapors juno and pad labs juul. They are discussed in more details as follows.

  1. Pad Labs Juul.

Pax one time was one of the vape mod company which opened doors for these new systems in order to roll out. Juul was elegant and thus it was adopted very fast, it was simple and also more capable of performing as many tasks as possible. The recent vapers and the other big names are among the people who quickly adopted these new systems because they were of high quality. The pad labs juul do not have e-liquid to refill, no buttons to press and no vape is consistent.

  1. Twelve Vapors JuNo.

The twelve juno has a long lasting batteries that ensures the downtown Is very much minimised. Another important feature about this is that it is not expensive and therefore one can possess as many batteries as possible provided your demand is satisfied. The twelve vapours juul has a simplistic suck which activates and gives greater experience of vaping.

  1. Wismec myjet Express kit.

This is one of the biggest names that are well known in the industry. They are said to have earned a top place in the food chain because of their collaborations with their ground breaking products. This pod is one among best vapers because it has a 200-watt division at the top. Click here.

  1. Eleaf icare Starter Kit.

The eleaf as according to research it is not a true or a closed system. This is what that has greatly made it to be called one of the best pod vapes. It’s a suck to activate the device. It is also very simple; this is because the buttons of the eleaf icare starter kit are not complicated. it is also to know this important thing that this device is easy and simple to operate it.

In conclusions of all the four types of vaping systems that have been discussed, it is also important to know that the current world we are living is a world of vaping and it is therefore important for one to ensure you go through all the offerings that you find in the market in order to be very much keen when one is choosing the best pod vape.

For you to get the best vape mode you must ensure that you go through all the available offerings that you find in the market in order to know which one fits you most. Click here for more information:

Guide to Extreme Vaping competitions: 8 Things you need to know

Like any other sport that has two or three competing rivals, vaping also has competition. During its stages of introduction vaping was not understood by many people and also those who used to practice these act. Recently most people have come to understand vaping very well and how vaping is supposed to be done. Any competition has its rules and vaping is not left out in its rules and steps that must be followed so that one can win. There those factors that are used to judge in the competition.

These are things one has to know before going for a vaping competition which are;

  • Vaping gadgets

Before entering into any vaping competition it is important for any cloud chaser to know the kind of mods that are good and efficient during competition. To vape these mod effectively, one has to find a room that does not allow too much air. Finally the e-juice should be of the vegetable glycerin because it is the one that produce thick vapor.

  • Understand the competition better

 It is important to understand the competition history better by researching and noting uniqueness in each competition. Most judges look for something unique that has never been done  by any other cloud chaser. Also importantly asses the risks involved while competing so that someone does not overdo.

  • Rules of the game

Even thou the rules may be easy as they look on paper it is important for someone to get to learn the rules and understand them so as to raise the competition bar higher. Always competition rules are not the same some may set rules that are looking for creativity, quality, and originality. Also rules vary from competition to competition.

  • Fame of vaping

Vaping is now a worldwide competition actually categorized as a sport. Earlier on vaping competitions were only held in The USA but recently international competitions have been seen across Europe which have given participants to learn from each other and acquire new skills and pleasures when vaping.

  • Technicality

This applies during competition whereby you must involve tricks that you have learnt in order to impress the judges. The tricks will be achieved if one commits himself or herself to practice and perfect the trick that they find comfortable to them. It is important to use tricks but in a modified and customized way.

  • Getting giant clouds

You need few things that will help get the best and huge cloud that may be catchy and appealing to the judges like a lo resistance sub ohm that will help give low air resistance and more vapor to add on is a mod with temperature control place.

  • Set to vape

Mind of your posture and also ensure you take a proper breathing time for the cloud to be large. Incorporate all that you have learnt and mastered to help build on you vaping and pulling great cloud.

  • How to be a winner

Add little tricks and stunts on your vaping try those stunts that make the cloud be like double jellyfish. The ticks leave the crowd and the judges amused and stunned which gives you an upper advantage of winning.

Why E-Cigarettes Explode and How You Can Vape Safely

Surprisingly, a lot of people have had problems with their vapor pen. You wouldn’t have thought new devices could cause so many problems and yet the problems are evident! It’s strange and for most, they are turning away from vapors and vape pens. You cannot blame them; no one wants to use a device that will put them in greater risk. However, why is this happening? Why are e-cigarettes exploding and how can you ensure you’re safe when vaping?

Damage to the Battery

For the most part, there shouldn’t be any issues with vape pens as they are really quite safe to use. However, if there are problems, it’s usually down to the battery and whether or not there is any damage done to it. If the battery is damaged, there might be a problem with leakage and that could cause the e-cig to explode. Pen vape should be quite safe but of course, when the battery is damaged, problems will arise. That is why you really do need to keep a very close eye on the battery as well as damage to the actual device. Again, if there is damage to the device, it could result in there being a major problem in usage. check it from

Improper Usage

Another reason why vape pens may explode is down to how it is used. If someone is using the device improperly or incorrectly it could cause some damage to it and that again will result in exploding devices. If users drop their vapor pen on several occasions or mishandle it then it is at great risk of having several issues with it and again, there is the possibility of exploding. Yes, most devices are built pretty well but there is always the risk of something happening. That is why you absolutely have to ensure you use the device properly and avoid any damage being done to it. It’s not just the battery that must be in good shape in order to work properly; the entire device must be in good order.

You Have To Conduct a Safety Check First

smokersWhen using your pen vape, you absolutely must ensure the item is in good condition. It’s easy to miss one or two little problems but if you do, you may put yourself or others at risk. Instead, you must look into conducting a very basic safety check of the device. For starters, you must look at inspecting the device in full to ensure there is no damage done to the outside housing or indeed, internally. What’s more, the battery must be checked and the battery should have no damage or cracks. Once you have done this, you should be able to use the device safely. If in doubt, don’t use! check this out!

Be Careful

You have to remember, e-cigs are electronic devices and if they are damaged in any way they could explode! You are using batteries and if something goes wrong, anything could happen. For the most part, however, it’s usually down to how well you treat the device because if it’s handled carefully there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever! However, if you don’t look after the item, anything can go wrong. Take good care of your vapor pen and always conduct a safety check before using.

Where to Buy Vape Pen Online

Buying a new vape pen online can present most with a few challenges. Buying online might seem simple enough but, for most, they think since there are more stores online, it’ll cause them a few problems. Despite what you might think, buying vape pens online can be pretty simple to do and something that shouldn’t cause too much problems either. Read on to find out where you can buy vape pens online today.

At a Specialist Vaping Store

If you want to buy a vapor pen online then you really have to look at the specialty stores. Vaping stores are the ideal place to start as they offer a huge selection of vaping devices to choose from and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding what you need here. You can buy a vape pen starter kit or just the device if you so wish and get a great bargain. What’s more, you can find there are more options available and that should make it easier to find the right device for you. This is something you might want to think of and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the device that works for you either.

From Online Auction Websites

Sometimes, people get gifts of vape pens and don’t use them or want them and put them up online to sell themselves and it’s at these auction websites that you might find the very best deals. You can go through a lot of different listings and find the ideal vape pen for you. What’s more, there is every opportunity to get a great bargain and it can be ideal especially if you want to get a good deal for your money. There are lots of ways for you to get a great deal and while you might be a little wary of shopping via online auction sites, they offer a good option to say the least. view more info coming from

Should You Buy Online?

cigarettesA lot of people are worried about the safety factor when buying online but, in truth, if you find a good and honest seller you shouldn’t have too much trouble. It doesn’t matter if you choose an online auction website or indeed a store that specializes in vapors and vaping devices, you need to ensure the store or seller is a good seller. Once you find a good store and people you trust to buy from, you can have a simple sale and ensure all devices are in good order. Buying vape pens online is a lot easier to do than you might think and it shouldn’t present many problems either. You might find, however, that buying a vape pen starter kit is a lot easier to do and less costly. This is something you may want to think of today.

Buy Online With Confidence

Vape pens are truly some of the simplest devices to find today and they can offer so much for so little. It has never been easier to buy online and you can truly find the right device for you too. Buying a vape pen online will be the best way to get the best device and it can save you so much money too. Find the best vape pen and enjoy vaping.

The Vapers Guide to Flavor Chasing: 10 Tips to Maximize Flavor

Finding the best vape pen starter kit can be ideal for those looking to vape. However, when it comes to maximizing flavors, a lot of people struggle to do so. This can often present a few challenges and it’s not hard to see why. Beginners often don’t get the flavor kick they’d like and it’s a pain but there are ways in which you can get more flavor. Read on to find just a few top tips that might help you.

The Atomizer You Use Can Make All the Difference

To be honest, the atomizer you use can make all the difference when it comes to flavor and taste. If you use the wrong device you might find the taste is lost and that’s a waste of time and money! Instead, you want to enhance and get the best e-juice flavors and that means you have to focus on the atomizer. When you find the best you can get better flavors and enjoy it more!

What Coil Materials Do You Use?

The flavors you get can all come from the wicks or the coil materials that you use. Now, silica wicks are popular today but they can at times reduce the amount of flavor you get from your cartridges so that’s a negative point. However, if you can use something such as organic cotton balls you might get more flavors. This is something you want to think of when it comes to getting the best e-juice flavors.

Low PG Juices

A lot of people use the wrong PG juices and end up getting ones which have higher levels of PG within them. However, these can often reduce the flavors within your e-juice and make them less appealing and harder to detect. Instead, when buying your vape pen starter kit, you will want to ensure the juices you use have lower PG levels. This will be far more effective and something that will appeal to you.

Make Changing To Your Temperature Settings

Sometimes, you have the temperature a bit too high and that can easily cause the flavor to be lost in such high temperatures. That is why you have to change it around and look at ways of reducing the temperature. When you do this, you can hopefully get the best e-juice flavors and have them last longer. It’s a wise move to make and certainly something that you will want to find of too.

Airflow – Reduce It

For those who are looking at creating big air clouds, you need to be aware that it’ll reduce your flavors. That is why you have to look into reducing the amount of airflow you offer for the vaping. Sometimes, you will find your vaporizer pen is far more effective when it reduces airflow. The flavors can be stronger and somewhat better so you might want to think about reducing the airflow.

Use Flavors You Enjoy

When it comes to getting the best e-juice flavors you have to think about the flavors you’re using. Are you using flavors you haven’t used before and are not too keen on? Sometimes, a lot of people persist in trying new flavors so that they can get used to them. However, there are times when you just do not like the tastes. Stick to the flavors you enjoy and you’ll get a better kick out of them.

Think About Keeping Your Device Clean

If your vapor pen is dirty then the flavors are not going to come through. It is a must to ensure your devices are kept clean and tidy at all times. You should think about cleaning the device at least once a week so that no dirt is trapped. A dirty device can affect the type of flavors you get so it’s a must to look into cleaning it on a regular basis.

Are You Using A Narrow-Bore Drip Tip?

The type of tip you use can also make a big impact on the flavors you get. That is why you really need to look into using a narrow-bore drip tip. This will enhance the flavors and get a better taste for you. It’s important to remember this when searching for a new vape pen starter kit. Always use the best tips.

Change Your Vaping Rituals

smokesDo you constantly use your vaping devices on an hourly basis? Sometimes, you can lose new flavors the more you vape and if you’re using one cartridge after another, it’s a major problem. That is why you have to think about changing the way you vape so that when using the best e-juice flavors you actually recognize them. This will be the only way to get better and bigger flavors. check more details from

Opt For Newer Flavors

Have you ever thought that sometimes it’s the flavors you use that make all the difference to your balance? Sometimes, you can use a great vaporizer pen but if the flavors are far too weak for your tastes then you’ll never get strong flavors. That is why you have to look at changing the flavors you use. Changing juices may make all the difference and may appeal to you a lot more.

Get the Best Flavors

It isn’t as difficult as you might think to get a great kick when it comes to vaping. There are more and more flavors to choose from and there are lots of simple ways to get more from them too! Enjoy vaping and get a great vape pen starter kit!