The Vapers Guide to Flavor Chasing: 10 Tips to Maximize Flavor

Finding the best vape pen starter kit can be ideal for those looking to vape. However, when it comes to maximizing flavors, a lot of people struggle to do so. This can often present a few challenges and it’s not hard to see why. Beginners often don’t get the flavor kick they’d like and it’s a pain but there are ways in which you can get more flavor. Read on to find just a few top tips that might help you.

The Atomizer You Use Can Make All the Difference

To be honest, the atomizer you use can make all the difference when it comes to flavor and taste. If you use the wrong device you might find the taste is lost and that’s a waste of time and money! Instead, you want to enhance and get the best e-juice flavors and that means you have to focus on the atomizer. When you find the best you can get better flavors and enjoy it more!

What Coil Materials Do You Use?

The flavors you get can all come from the wicks or the coil materials that you use. Now, silica wicks are popular today but they can at times reduce the amount of flavor you get from your cartridges so that’s a negative point. However, if you can use something such as organic cotton balls you might get more flavors. This is something you want to think of when it comes to getting the best e-juice flavors.

Low PG Juices

A lot of people use the wrong PG juices and end up getting ones which have higher levels of PG within them. However, these can often reduce the flavors within your e-juice and make them less appealing and harder to detect. Instead, when buying your vape pen starter kit, you will want to ensure the juices you use have lower PG levels. This will be far more effective and something that will appeal to you.

Make Changing To Your Temperature Settings

Sometimes, you have the temperature a bit too high and that can easily cause the flavor to be lost in such high temperatures. That is why you have to change it around and look at ways of reducing the temperature. When you do this, you can hopefully get the best e-juice flavors and have them last longer. It’s a wise move to make and certainly something that you will want to find of too.

Airflow – Reduce It

For those who are looking at creating big air clouds, you need to be aware that it’ll reduce your flavors. That is why you have to look into reducing the amount of airflow you offer for the vaping. Sometimes, you will find your vaporizer pen is far more effective when it reduces airflow. The flavors can be stronger and somewhat better so you might want to think about reducing the airflow.

Use Flavors You Enjoy

When it comes to getting the best e-juice flavors you have to think about the flavors you’re using. Are you using flavors you haven’t used before and are not too keen on? Sometimes, a lot of people persist in trying new flavors so that they can get used to them. However, there are times when you just do not like the tastes. Stick to the flavors you enjoy and you’ll get a better kick out of them.

Think About Keeping Your Device Clean

If your vapor pen is dirty then the flavors are not going to come through. It is a must to ensure your devices are kept clean and tidy at all times. You should think about cleaning the device at least once a week so that no dirt is trapped. A dirty device can affect the type of flavors you get so it’s a must to look into cleaning it on a regular basis.

Are You Using A Narrow-Bore Drip Tip?

The type of tip you use can also make a big impact on the flavors you get. That is why you really need to look into using a narrow-bore drip tip. This will enhance the flavors and get a better taste for you. It’s important to remember this when searching for a new vape pen starter kit. Always use the best tips.

Change Your Vaping Rituals

smokesDo you constantly use your vaping devices on an hourly basis? Sometimes, you can lose new flavors the more you vape and if you’re using one cartridge after another, it’s a major problem. That is why you have to think about changing the way you vape so that when using the best e-juice flavors you actually recognize them. This will be the only way to get better and bigger flavors. check more details from

Opt For Newer Flavors

Have you ever thought that sometimes it’s the flavors you use that make all the difference to your balance? Sometimes, you can use a great vaporizer pen but if the flavors are far too weak for your tastes then you’ll never get strong flavors. That is why you have to look at changing the flavors you use. Changing juices may make all the difference and may appeal to you a lot more.

Get the Best Flavors

It isn’t as difficult as you might think to get a great kick when it comes to vaping. There are more and more flavors to choose from and there are lots of simple ways to get more from them too! Enjoy vaping and get a great vape pen starter kit!

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